Another inclusive project - InCrea+


Erasmus+ project “INclusive CREAtivity through Educational Artmaking” (InCrea+) alike 4MB has inclusivity at its core, but in contrast to 4MB it does not use sports as its main medium, but arts! InCrea+ aims to provide an innovative method of inclusive education and promotion of wellbeing through the implementation of arts educational content and practices.

Project objectives:

– Enhancement of teachers’ skills and competences in inclusive education;

– Provide a set of new skills and competences for the CCS aimed at creating new job opportunities in the next future for current and future professionals;

– Promotion of social inclusion of secondary education students with SEN, students from minorities or low-income families (focusing more on 5th-9th grade);

– Development of learning resources, materials, activities and training modules to foster creativity, culture, multicultural dialogue and wellbeing;

– Foster possible collaboration between art specialists, education experts and teachers.

To reach the objectives, three steps have been defined and already carried out by the InCrea+ team:

  1. Knowledge building for the purpose defining the proper methodology and artistic means, and design.

Main deliverable: Methodological material. 

Where to find it: https://increaplus.eu/methodic...

2. Curriculum design and testing, which included teachers from associated partner schools and artists being trained and implementing InCrea+ curriculum in their schools and associations.

Main deliverables: InCrea+ Curriculum and people trained.

Where to find it: https://increaplus.eu/curricul...

3. Digitalization. Finally, the InCrea+ curriculum was made available on an OER platform in which teachers can find both training materials for them and pre-made lessons practices that can be readily adopted in class.

Main Deliverable: OER Platform.

Where to find it: https://increaplus.eu/moodle/

N.B. All project results are available in all partner languages (among those Bulgarian) and in English.  

The target groups of this project are: secondary education teachers, students from 11 to 16 years old, creative and cultural sector workers and education help-specialists (psychologist, logo-pedagogists and any kind of specialists dealing with children with SEN, behavioural issue or from minorities).

The project partners come from Lithuania with Kaunas Juozas Grusas Art Gymnasium in the coordinating role, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria. The official project partner for our country is the CuBuFoundation.

Project website: increa.emundus.lt